The Tebow buzz at Florham Park

The madness is beginning to build here at Florham Park. As Rich Cimini pointed out earlier this morning, there are over 11 television trucks outside. Inside the field house, the majority of the 80 seats in front of the riser are taken and there are even more media members standing around waiting for Tim Tebow.

There are two rows of cameras and I counted over 30 television cameras and that's not counting more cameras on the side that are doing live shots and interviews throughout the morning. And this is more than just sports writers and sports broadcasters. There news side reporters here as well and a ton of cameramen and camerawomen as well.

On the way into the Jets facility premises, media members had to go through the normal security check point but then had to stop by two other tables for credentials before trying to find parking here at the facility.

We're about 10 minutes away from the madness and the media crowd continues to build here. I'll be blogging off the press conference for you guys once it begins.