Tebow era has begun

The Tim Tebow era with the Jets has begun.

He opened his news conference by thanking the Broncos and the Jets and said he is excited to be a Jet.

The first question was about why there was some discrepancy over who had a say in the trade to New York and that Tebow picked the Jets over the Jaguars.

"When I woke up Wednesday morning, I talked to Coach [John] Fox and they were very gracious the whole time and I spoke to him a lot throughout the process and he told me about the opportunities that were out there," Tebow said. "Next thing I know is I got a call from Coach [Rex] Ryan and Mr. [Mike] Tannenbaum and they said I am a Jet. I was excited about it and then obviously the media circus happened and then I found out about the snag in the contract and Coach Fox was keeping me updated with what was happening.

"Later on in the day, they said we have a few teams that were interested and he asked me what I thought about it and I told him I would love to be a Jet and I said Jacksonville is my hometown. He listened to me and talked to me and I told him I would love to be a Jet. I love the coaches. I said I would love to be a Jaguar, that is my hometown, but I am excited to be a Jet."