A visit to the famous Roscoe Diner

Driving home from Cortland Saturday night, I stopped at the Roscoe Diner on Route 17 in Roscoe, N.Y. There was some hard knocking in my stomach -- hunger pangs. I was craving a pastrami on rye only to discover it's ridiculously over-priced and comes with cole slaw. I wanted french fries and a more reasonable price. I negotiated with the waitress, but we couldn't agree on anything.

We were so freakin' far apart that I felt like a failure. We discussed it for several minutes, but we couldn't move the needle. I tried everything. I offered to take potato chips as a side. I offered to pay more if she included a milk shake. I went so far as to ask for more pickles in lieu of the cole slaw. Nothing worked. I wish I had another combo to play.

In good conscience, I can simply move on and go to the diner down the road in Liberty. I can trade my allegiance to Roscoe. Or, in good conscience, maybe I can try again next time I'm driving through, which will be Tuesday. Makes me want to pull my hair.