Jets open to a re-run on "Hard Knocks"

"Hard Knocks" 2.0?

Owner Woody Johnson told reporters Monday the Jets would consider another appearance on the HBO series "Hard Knocks" if they receive a formal offer from the network. Johnson, speaking at a launch for an NFL pop-up store in Manhattan, suggested informal talks already have taken place.

Obviously, HBO would love to have the Jets, who would set a ratings record with all their personalities and storylines. Advice to the Jets: Don't do it.

You could argue that their training camp, with Tim Tebow on board, already will be a circus, so what's a few extra cameras? That's certainly one way to look at it. Obviously, they're willing to live with Tebow-mania. It will bring them all the exposure they could desire, so what would be the benefit of "Hard Knocks"? It would simply show they're publicity mongers, not a franchise focused on winning.

In retrospect, the 2010 "Hard Knocks" series did wonders for the Jets. It increased their national profile, which probably led to more prime-time games. It was good for business. Once was enough. There will be plenty of headlines this summer; the Jets need to focus on the business of winning football games.