Rewind: A look back at the 47th pick

The Jets own 10 picks in the upcoming draft, including four compensatory selections. We're reviewing the recent draft history for each slot. A rundown of the Jets' selections:

Round 1 -- 16th overall

Round 2 -- 47th

Round 3 -- 77th

Round 5 -- 154th

Round 6 -- 187th, 202nd (comp), 203rd (comp)

Round 7 -- 232nd, 242nd (comp), 244th (comp)

The 47th pick: The Last 5 Years

2011: Lance Kendricks, TE, Rams

2010: Daryl Washington, LB, Cards

2009: Michael Mitchell, DB, Raiders

2008: Trevor Laws, DT, Eagles

2007: David Harris, LB, Jets

Analysis: Obviously, No. 47 is a familiar spot for the Jets, who traded into the position five years ago to select Harris -- certainly one of their better selections in recent memory. He's probably the best player at No. 47 over the last five years. Mitchell, a widely criticized pick, and Laws haven't been able to crack the starting lineup, although the Eagles redeemed themselves two picks later with WR DeSean Jackson. Washington, a two-year starter, shows a lot of promise for the Cards. Kendricks managed to catch 28 passes last season on the worst offense in the league. One thing about the second round: Teams often take the "need" approach, sometimes resulting in reaches.