Report cards: Lots of Cs for Jets

I've been pontificating for a few days on the Jets' draft; it's time to hear from a few other voices in the draftosphere. Here you go:


Grade: C

"The Jets surprised me when they went with Quinton Coples over Melvin Ingram in Round 1. To be blunt, I just think Ingram is the superior player -- and I have outside linebacker as New York's top need. Coples is a more natural fit as a 4-3 defensive end, and the obvious conclusion is Rex Ryan intends to move him inside. Still, I don't see him as a significant help in a need area -- the pass rush. Stephen Hill is a major physical talent, but he's a project in terms of route running. He can certainly keep safeties honest, however. You have to account for his deep speed, but I'm not sure he'll be able to help a lot in 2012. I like the value of Demario Davis. He was my fifth-ranked OLB in this draft. Size is a question, but Rex may set him loose situationally."


Grade: C

"This franchise rolled the dice on all their first three picks, which has been their approach lately. It doesn't mean the draftees aren't talented, it's just whether or not they are the right fit. There were questions about North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples, the first-round pick. Some scouts thought he had a bad habit of taking plays off. ... They traded up for Georgia Tech receiver Stephen Hill because he's a great blocker for their power running game. Now, that makes some sense because Hill only caught 49 passes in his college career. And he should be able to block because Tech used a triple-option running game. But Hill is 6-foot-4 and runs a 4.3 40-yard dash. ... Demario Davis of Arkansas State is another edge rushing linebacker. ... Baylor's Terrance Ganaway, a 240-pound running back, could be a great find and should help on short-yardage. ... Staying at Baylor, the Jets took right guard Robert T. Griffin, a 335-pounder with no relation to his former quarterback teammate."


Grade: C-

Best pick: Second-round receiver Stephen Hill has the tools to be an explosive player, but he is raw. Can this regime get the best out of him? If they can, he will be a steal. Boom or bust pick.

Questionable move: Taking Quinton Coples in the first round is a strange move for this team. He doesn't seem to fit what they do. Oh, and he also took last season off at North Carolina.

Third-day gem: Running back Terrance Ganaway put up big numbers in Baylor's offense. He is a big back at 239 pounds.

Analysis: The Jets took two players in the first two rounds who are risks. Is that really something this front office and staff can afford to do? Add in the stupid Tim Tebow trade, and the Jets haven't had a great start to 2012. It's a feast-or-famine draft.


Grade: D+

"DE Quinton Coples is a colossal roll of the dice at 16 overall, and the Jets decided to address their issues at offensive tackle by completely ignoring that position. WR Stephen Hill (43) will help that underwhelming unit, as might sleeper Jordan White (244). But there was more bad than good here."


Grade: C

"Rex Ryan got some 3-4 pieces, but we just don't know if they're the right ones. Hill has explosive potential with the right QB."