A.M. Practice: Hogtied to the goalpost

It’s never a good sign when Bart Scott gets a hold of a piece of rope and is twisting it in his hands as practice ends. Never a good sign, and rookie CB Brian Jackson was singled out once the final huddle was over. Kris Jenkins grabbed his head and Scott hogtied him, carried him to the goalpost and tied him there feet up. Two coolers of orange Gatorade and some heat balm later, Jackson had gotten the message.

Don’t talk back to your coaches.

"We told him sometimes as a rookie it's best to keep your mouth shut and do your job," Jenkins said.

Several players said that Jackson got the abuse for speaking disrespectfully to DB coach Dennis Thurman, questioning the way he was being used in the defense. Just because coach Rex Ryan uses profanity, doesn’t mean a rookie can get away with it when questioning a coach. Jenkins said some of the veterans went to Thurman and asked is they could go through with the plan and were given the go-ahead. If you wish you’d seen it, don’t worry. The Hard Knocks cameras caught the whole thing.

Later, Rex Ryan said that Jackson was taking the whole thing seriously, and he'd talk to him later. He downplayed it as a training camp prank, and something that wasn't meant personally.

Practice, full pads in the last morning two-a-day, ended early today. The defense clearly won the day, batting down balls and providing so much coverage against the pass that, in 11-on-11s, three of five series ended in three-and out.

Mark Sanchez connected with Braylon Edwards on a 55-yard pass on one of those to pick up a first down in a two-minute drill. His pump fake fooled safety Jim Leonhard, but the drive ended when David Harris pick off a pass two plays later.

Mark Brunell ended up faring best, connecting with Laveranues Coles three times during a drive that ended with a 41-yard field goal from Nick Folk. For Folk-watchers, the kicker had a good day, and didn’t miss any of his attempts late in the practice.

In the handoff drills, Danny Woodhead burst through at least twice paired with QB Kellen Clemens. But the day really belonged to the defense, which was upbraided by Rex Ryan after Wednesday morning’s practice.

But the morning belongs to the defense, the blitzing and QB pressure clearly frustrated all three quarterbacks getting reps. Some highlights: Jason Taylor knocked down a pass at the line of scrimmage. D backs Dwight Lowery and Eric Smith showed some heavy man coverage.