McKnight + Big Macs = Bigger Mc

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- To improve his ability as a power runner, backup RB Joe McKnight added some weight in the offseason. In fact, he put on 15 pounds, bringing him to 216. How'd he do it?

"A lot of McDonald's," he said Wednesday.

He wasn't kidding.

McKnight wasn't on a McDonald's-only diet, but he admitted he ate a lot of fast-food burgers on his way to his current weight. The way he figures it, he ate, worked out and "it changed to muscle."

He likes his current condition, believing he's more powerful in and out of his cuts. McKnight is known for his speed, but he doesn't think he has slowed down at all. The goal, of course, is to convince the coaching staff he can be more than a terrific kickoff returner. He'd like to become the No. 2 back, behind Shonn Greene.

McKnight figures he'll naturally drop weight in training camp, so he expects to play this season between 205 and 210 pounds -- and that would be his personal high. If he does well, maybe he can snag a McDonald's endorsement.

"I ate healthy, but the majority of the time, I was eating bad," he said, smiling. "I wasn't eating all the right stuff, like Tim Tebow (does)."