Ryan wants Mangold to go to London

Rex Ryan is going to try to change Nick Mangold's mind.

Initially, the Jets coach gave the center permission to go to London and watch his sister Holley compete in the Olympics for the U.S. weightlifting team. He approached Mangold with a simple message.

“Hey, look I know how important this season is, this game is, our football team is,” Ryan said, “but there’s other things that are equally as important, maybe more important in the big-picture thing.”

Ryan was shocked when Mangold declined the offer, saying that it’s too much time away from a pivotal training camp.

“That’s a long jump over the pond in the middle of August,” Mangold said. “We’re going to make sure I can watch it and everything, support as best I can just like everybody else who can’t go over there. It’s disappointing that happened. If it was a week earlier I would have been there, that’s just how the scheduling works out.”

But Ryan wants Mangold to reconsider.

“I don’t think he realized this is an amazing thing, it really is,” Ryan said. “How many people are good enough to go to the Olympics and compete against the world’s best, represent our country? I think it’s an incredible opportunity for her, and him as well.”