Bruschi to Tebow: Quiet, please!

As far as ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi is concerned, a backup QB should be seen and not heard -- even when the backup is one of the most popular players in the NFL.

The former Patriots star, appearing on ESPN's NFL 32, said Tim Tebow can do the Jets -- and Mark Sanchez -- a service by keeping a low profile.

"Stop talking to the media so much," Bruschi said. "You need to disappear, okay, Tim Tebow? You're not the starting quarterback, it's Mark Sanchez's team. I want my voice to come from my head coach and my quarterback -- my starting quarterback. That message has to be consistent.

"I don't want all this competition brewing, and every time you speak and anytime you talk about competition or anything like that, you're twisting things. I want one voice. One quarterback, not two," Bruschi continued.

Former Jet Damien Woody, on the same panel, agreed, saying Tebow should focus on learning his playbook and supporting Sanchez in the background. He said Tebow should "not worry about all the media stuff and TV. Leave that stuff for Mark Sanchez."

Woody and Bruschi were respected leaders on their respective teams, so I think their opinions matter. There's merit in the one quarterback/one voice philosophy, but this is a unique situation because of Tebow's popularity and the media demand for him. Could you imagine the media backlash if the Jets tried to make Tebow off limits to reporters?

Another factor: The Jets love the publicity, they absolutely do, so they're not going to tell Tebow to disappear, as Bruschi suggested. As a result, they'll be the only team that has the No. 1 and No. 2 quarterbacks holding postgame news conferences. It could get complicated and messy, but, hey, the Jets signed up for this when they made the trade.