Jets cut ticket prices in upper deck

Two weeks ago, Jets owner Woody Johnson addressed rumors of lagging ticket sales by saying, "I don't want to be Joe Namath, but I guarantee we'll be sold out."

To make it happen, they're slashing ticket prices.

The Jets announced Thursday they're cutting prices of certain seats in the 300 level of MetLife Stadium. Mind you, there are no PSLs in the 300 level, so it has to be a bit alarming that they're having trouble selling non-PSL seats.

The price adjustments will affect about 12,000 seats, roughly 15 percent of the stadium. The specific areas: The last 13 rows of the corner and end-zone sections, along with portions of the four sideline sections next to these areas.

The sideline seats, depending on the row, will fall from $105 per game to either $75 or $50. Those in the corners and in the end zone will drop from $95 to either $75 or $50.

Team president Neil Glat, hired by Johnson in April, told the team's web site that they lowered the prices "to improve the value for fans, especially season ticket holders. We're confident that these seats would have been sold on a game-by-game basis, but we wanted to ensure that as many seats as possible are sold to season ticket holders."

This is what happens when a team finishes 8-8 in a rough economy.