Jim Kelly wants Jets QB chaos

Former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly appeared Thursday on the NFL Network and discussed the Jets' quarterback situation. As a former starter, Kelly said he wouldn't feel good if his team brought in a backup like Tim Tebow, saying "the job security is a little shaky."

"But as a Buffalo Bills fan, I hope there's so much turmoil during training camp, I hope Tebow plays great, he pushes (Mark) Sanchez, and all of a sudden the locker room is coming apart," Kelly said.

The Jets host the Bills on Sept. 9 in the season opener for both teams.

Kelly said there is a good deal of pressure now on Sanchez to play well from the jump, a concern that plenty of NFL pundits -- even those who aren't in the Hall of Fame -- have articulated ever since the Jets acquired the former Broncos starter.

"Mark Sanchez is a quarterback now that is going to be sitting there every single game if he plays bad -- number one, you know Jets fans, they’re going to start booing," Kelly said. "A lot of pressure is on Sanchez to not only start off hot, but continue game after game after game playing steady. If he doesn't, you know you're going to hear the boo birds, you're going to have people wanting Tim Tebow in there."

It's no secret that Sanchez can get down on himself in games, and the Jets even had to address this by giving the starter pointers on body language. At one point he was even fined if he dropped his shoulders in that hang-dog posture during practice.

Kelly also questioned the Jets' decision to bring in Tebow, and handed Sanchez a vote of confidence.

"I thought Sanchez is a very good quarterback coming on," Kelly said. "If I was a general manager or a president or the owner of a team, I would not have done that unless I would have gotten rid of Sanchez. But he's a good enough quarterback to be there and Tim Tebow is a great athlete. He's going to be a big plus for somebody, but in New York I'm not sure."

For more on the interview, click here for the NFL Network's video.