Sanchez opens up on Tebow & Holmes

As Mark Sanchez prepares for his fourth season, he's not thinking about what it could be like this year if the fans start clamoring for current backup Tim Tebow to take his job.

"I don't think like that. I'm too positive. I try not to deal in the hypothetical," Sanchez said on "SportsCenter" on Monday morning. "Just put your head down and work. That's been coach [Tony] Sparano's message and we're all on the same page. Not even crossing my mind."

Sanchez's every move, pass, completion and incompletion is being dissected as he and Tebow square off in Cortland, N.Y. The 25-year-old seems to be embracing his new teammate, even playfully jabbing at him for his shirtless jog in the rain on Saturday.

"There's a time and a place for that stuff," Sanchez joked.

Sanchez called Tebow "awesome" and a "hard worker" who he believes will be able to help the Jets on offense and special teams. He called Tebow a "changeup" for the Jets' offense and said the two of them are pushing each other to get better. Sanchez also didn't seem fazed by the possibility that the team could use Tebow near the goal line.

"He better put it in the end zone and he will," Sanchez said with a laugh. "We'll have the right plan and do it at the right time and I trust Coach Sparano with that and the scheme. The most important thing is winning games and if Tim can come here and get us even two more first downs in one game, he helps."

As Sanchez builds a relationship with Tebow, he and receiver Santonio Holmes are working to stay on the same page after last year's struggles. As the quarterback watched a clip of Holmes catching a pass Monday, he complimented Holmes for running hard and setting a good example thus far. He said Holmes looks like the receiver of two years ago.

During the offseason, the two met with each other to iron out their differences.

"We both sat down and one, realized how blown out of proportion that whole thing went and we laughed it off. We had a time just a chance to sit down, relax and get away from football and talk on a human level," Sanchez said. "Forget football, forget our jobs and all that, and just talk. The most important thing to us is just winning the Super Bowl and winning it here. So we can agree on that.

"From there, we started to rebuild everything we had two years ago. It's still a process. It's going to take screwing up a route, making a bad throw, running a wrong route and talking about it. We're on the same page. This guy is really running hard and setting a really good example."