Tebow: I'm ready for anything

If he can't be the Jets' starting quarterback this season, Tim Tebow plans on helping the Jets in whatever role the team has for him, be it offense or special teams.

"Whatever your role is you have to make the best of that role and have a great attitude, have a great effort and be a great teammate every time you come out here, no matter what," Tebow said on "SportsCenter" Monday morning.

He added: "No. 1 you want to be on a team that wins games. We all have individual goals and we all have individual ambitions but you got to put that second. The team has to come first in everything you do and for me, however I can help this team win football games, that's why I'm here."

As the Jets have started training camp in Cortland, N.Y., the focus has been squarely on Tebow and Jets starter Mark Sanchez. The two have not shown any signs of animosity, singing each other's praises. Tebow said they've been friends for a while as Sanchez hosted Tebow on a recruiting visit at USC.

"We have a lot of fun with each other," Tebow said. "Meetings are great. We joke around a lot and he's someone that is a very good person and a very good guy and a hard worker but at the same time he can joke and he doesn't take himself too seriously, and I think that's why we're getting along."

Last season in Denver, the fans clamored for Tebow to overtake starter Kyle Orton, which he eventually did en route to leading the team to the playoffs. If such a situation presents itself again in New York where the fans want Tebow to overtake Sanchez, Tebow does not believe that it will cause a strain on their relationship.

"There are things that are more important than winning football games or what's going on or how many plays you're playing and I think relationships are something that's more important," Tebow said. "How you treat people is more important than how many touchdowns you score or what your position is. It's not hard to change the way you treat someone based on the position you're competing for."

Tebow has always been praised for his leadership qualities, and he's still figuring out how he plays into the leadership structure of the Jets.

"I think it's still developing. We'll see. We've gone through a few practices. And this is just the beginning," Tebow said. "You never know what's going to happen, how it pans out, what exactly your role is. For us, it's taking it one day at a time, trying to improve a little bit every day and be a great teammate."