Jets take it easy with Coples

CORTLAND, N.Y. -- It has been a quiet training camp for rookie DE Quinton Coples, the 16th overall pick, but that's no cause for alarm, according to defensive coordinator Mike Pettine.

Coples is experiencing typical rookie ups and downs, trying to digest a lot of information. To help him, the coaches have scaled back his practice reps.

Right now, incumbent DE Mike DeVito is starting ahead of Coples in the 3-4 front. Coples is starting in the 4-3 and in the sub package.

"DeVito is a damn good football player -- he's had a lot of quality reps in this league -- and we're not going to push him to the bench because we drafted Q," Pettine said. "On our defense, you have to earn stuff. As the install got bigger, it got a little overwhelming for him. You could see the gears grinding a little bit."

So they decided to cut back his reps.

"He's almost relieved that more has been taken off his plate and he can play a little faster," Pettine said. "Q is where we expected him to be. We have a plan for him in place."

After drafting him in the first round, Rex Ryan said he expected Coples to start. But the Jets are a multiple-front defense, so the lineup will vary. Here's a look at the current depth chart, based on the different fronts:

3-4 Front -- DE DeVito, NT Sione Pouha, DE Muhammad Wilkerson

4-3 Front -- DE Coples, DT DeVito, DT Pouha, DE Wilkerson

4-man sub front -- DE Aaron Maybin, DT Coples, DT Wilkerson, DE Calvin Pace

ROSTER MOVE: The Jets waived FB Fui Vakapuna (sidelined with a hamstring injury) and signed DB Devon Torrence.