Esiason, Namath rip Tebow

A pair of ex-Jets quarterbacks have hopped aboard the Tim Tebow hate train during the past few days.

Boomer Esiason and Joe Namath each blasted their former team’s acquisition of Tebow, with Esiason calling for his release.

“I’m just telling you right now, I would (cut him),” Esiason said on his WFAN radio show Monday, “and I’ll tell you why I would. It’s not in anyway, shape or form -- I think -- benefiting this team.

“Right now in relation to who Mark Sanchez is, your starting quarterback -- is a major mistake.”

When asked about Esiason's comments saying he should be cut, Tebow responded, “I've heard nothing but great things about Mr. Esiason. I know he was a great player here and I wish him nothing but the best in his announcing. God bless him.”

Over the weekend, Namath, a regular on ESPN New York 98.7 FM, called Tebow a “publicity stunt,” repeating an opinion he first voiced last March.

“I really believe, going back to Day 1, it's the greatest publicity stunt the Jets could have pulled,” Namath said during the NFL's Hall of Fame weekend in Canton, Ohio. “Now, if they can utilize him, it's a major positive. He's a positive in the locker room, he's a positive with the players. Tebow's a sensational guy. Now, how much playing quarterback he's going to do remains to be seen.”

Tebow struggled mightily in the team’s scrimmage on Saturday night, going 0-for-3 with a sack and a pair of fumbled exchanges from center.

Still, he has been lauded by his teammates for his work ethic, and the Jets believe he’s going to be a key contributor on the field -- whether it be on special teams, in the Wildcat or in goal-line and short yardage packages -- and in the locker room.

Asked about how he’s been coping with criticism, Tebow responded, ”I've heard a lot of it. Coming out of high school, saying I couldn't be a high-school quarterback. When I was in college, my first year, (people saying) you'll never be a quarterback and never win a national championship, you'll never play in the NFL. I've heard a lot of it and I continue to use it as motivation.”