Tebow OK with Rex's bleeps

CORTLAND, N.Y. -- When Tim Tebow was traded to the Jets, he was asked how he'd handle Rex Ryan's famously salty vocabulary. (See: "Hard Knocks," 2010.) Because of Tebow's strong religious beliefs, some people actually thought it could be an issue. Not kidding.

On Tuesday, Tebow got to hear some vintage Ryan, as the coach delivered a profanity-laced tirade to the team after two practice scuffles.

And Tebow was cool with it.

"Coach Ryan gets intense every now and then," Tebow said Wednesday. "He's a passionate coach, and I love that. That's one of the reasons why he's great. You don't ever want to take that away from someone. At one of our first team meetings, one of the best team meetings I've been in since I've been playing football, (I liked) hearing his passion for us and this season.

"He's just real, he's authentic, he's genuine. It's nice to be around coaches like that because sometimes coaches think that they can outsmart you with this philosophy, or saying, 'Let's take it one day at a time,' or the clich├ęs. That's not how he operates at all. He's so real and genuine. He is who he is and that's so awesome to be around as a player. I think that's one of the best qualities he has."

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