Ryan: Self-inflicted wounds

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The Jets released coach Rex Ryan's initial reaction to the first half of the Giants preseason game, where Mark Sanchez and the starting offense played but were unable to score. The Giants were up 13-0 when the second team took the field.

"I think initially, against the Giants, this is a team you have to stay ahead of the sticks on," Ryan said. "You have to get the placements (yard markers) back, it really hurts, they can really get after the quarterback. (I’m) definitely disappointed because we had some self-inflicted wounds. The defense is playing great, lights out, the whole defense is on. Again, it’s tough sledding in that situation, but you have to protect the football. Clearly, that was the point that we had. (We had) great field position all night and haven’t been able to turn it into points."