Why so secretive with the Wildcat?

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- The Jets haven't used any Wildcat plays in the preseason, and they won't unveil Tim Tebow in that role until the season opener against the Bills. Why so secretive?

On Tuesday, Rex Ryan revealed some insight into the thought process, noting that identity of the Bills' QB coach factored into it. The QB coach is David Lee, who served in the same position under Tony Sparano in Miami.

Lee was the driving force behind Sparano's decision to start using the Wildcat in 2008. In other words, Lee knows the scheme just as well as Sparano, and the Jets didn't want to provide any extra intel.

"Part of the thing with the Wildcat is, quite honestly, their quarterback coach was with Tony in Miami, so he's very familiar with the Wildcat," Ryan said of Lee, whom he interviewed last offseason for a position on the Jets' staff. "Let them guess and, hopefully, it messes them up. Obviously, Buffalo is going to run the same thing. They're going to run some Wildcat as well."

And they'll be running it with former Jet Brad Smith, adding another layer of intrigue for Week 1.