Bart: We could be best Jets defense ever

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Offensively, the Jets haven't done anything to inspire confidence, but expectations are soaring for the defense. LB Bart Scott raised them a couple of notches in a recent interview with AllHipHop.com, saying the defense has a chance to be the best the Jets history.

"Our fans should be excited," Scott told the web site. "We’ve put some pretty interesting defenses on the field. But we have the most potential this year. If we do our jobs and communicate more, we could be the best Jets defense in franchise history. Which is scary, because my first year here we were No. 1, by 30 yards (per game), in almost every statistical category that was meaningful.

"We’re going through a transformational period," he continued. "We’re younger, more athletic. Our veterans our more mature. Our defense has come together."

Rex Ryan also believes the defense has a chance to be outstanding, but he has been reluctant to articulate it. Ryan is trying to tone down the bravado. In a recent interview, he said the defense could be "sp --" -- stopping himself before he could spit out the word "special." He went on to say it should be "really good."

Scott raises an interesting point: What is the best defense in Jets history? Let's hear your opinions.