Jets enjoy leadership seminar

PHILADELPHIA -- On Wednesday, Rex Ryan did something unusual. He excused 19 players from practice -- all veterans -- and sent them to a leadership training seminar near the Jets' facility. The coaches did the same thing in May, and he wanted the players to experience it , too.

The Jets are trying to foster good team chemistry, a major issue last season.

"I liked it, I had a lot of fun," guard Matt Slauson said of the six-hour traing exercise. "I saw a lot of guys come out of their shells and take charge. It was good to see. The natural leaders, obviously, stepped up. But the guys who are typicall quieter ended up taking chare, too. It was really cool."

The attendees included Mark Sanchez, Santonio Holmes, Tim Tebow, Bart Scott, Darrelle Revis, et al. Now we find out if the training really works.