Sanchez: Tone's 'rattled' comment dramatic

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Was Mark Sanchez a little uncertain about why the Jets traded for Tim Tebow? Absolutely.

But was he "rattled" the way Santonio Holmes made it sound to reporters Wednesday? Not according to the Jets' No. 1 quarterback.

"I think (Holmes) made it a little more dramatic. When you read it in the paper, it sounds like a Lifetime movie script or something, (like) he's talking me off the ledge or something like that," Sanchez told ESPN New York 98.7's Larry Hardesty in an interview Friday.

"Anybody in that situation would have a couple of questions about a trade like that. But as soon as I talked to the team, I really started to understand that (Tebow) is an addition, he's not changing anything. He's here to help us.

"I'm the starting quarterback. It's nice to know that for your confidence, but at the same time, nothing was going to change how I came into the season, mentally and physically. I've said it before: Whether it was Peyton Manning or Tim Tebow, it didn't really matter. I was going to play and I plan on playing well."

The rest of Sanchez's interview with Hardesty can be heard at noon Sunday, prior to the team's season opener against the Buffalo Bills.

• • •

Jets coach Rex Ryan is excited to unveil the Wildcat versus Buffalo.

So far, it has been all talk. Now, it will be implemented and seen in action.

"I'm eager to see it. I'm a fan of football. I'm excited to see it. There's no doubt," Ryan said. "Really, I'm excited to see the adjustments teams try to make on it. How are they going to defend it?"

• • •

Ryan said that safety LaRon Landry, who is set to make his Jets' debut, "studies more tape at home than anyone on the team."