Sparano: Wildcat doesn't hurt Mark's flow

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- There's been plenty of debate surrounding the Jets' Wildcat package since the team acquired Tim Tebow in late March.

One of the most recent critiques goes a little something like this: if Mark Sanchez is throwing the ball well, inserting Tim Tebow in a Wildcat package -- or in at quarterback in any formation -- will just throw off his rhythm.

Offensive coordinator Tony Sparano doesn't buy that theory one bit.

In fact, he sees an added benefit with putting Tebow behind center; it gives him a chance to talk to Sanchez in the middle of a possession without burning a timeout.

"As soon as Mark gets to the sidelines he's like, 'Oh what's next? What are you thinking?" the Jets first-year offensive coordinator said. "For me, it's an additional timeout ... it's another way to get more information to him. I think those are real positive things during the course of a game."

Sparano also downplayed the idea that Tebow would ruin Sanchez's rhythm.

"There's so many people that say well, 'There's this flow and you interrupt this flow. (But) we interrupt that flow when you're on the sideline and the defense is on the field too. So it happens during the course of a game. It's not something that I get too worked up about."

Sparano said that he hasn't addressed it with Sanchez or Tebow. The Wildcat didn't seem to have a negative affect on Sanchez in the Jets' win over the Bills.

Sanchez threw for 266 yards and three touchdowns. He was picked off once, but connected on 19 of 27 passes.

Two of his touchdowns came directly after plays in which Tebow was the quarterback.

In all, Sparano and the Jets went to the Tebow package for eight plays against Buffalo. It produced just 22 yards, with Tebow running five times for 11 yards.