LaDainian torches Santonio

MIAMI -- Former Jets RB LaDainian Tomlinson, now an analyst for the NFL Network, ripped Santonio Holmes on Sunday morning, predicting the controversial wide receiver will quit on the Jets.

“No, he hasn’t changed," Tomlinson said. "The only thing about it is, a new year brings new hope; we all know that as players. But as a player, the one thing you know when you play with a guy that has quit on you, you know that when the times get tough, he will quit on you again. That’s one thing I do know. That’s what I expect as the season goes along.”

Scathing words, indeed.

Asked if the current players respect or trust Holmes, Tomlinson said, “It’s split down the middle. It depends on what Santonio Holmes does moving forward if they trust him or not. If he comes out and continues to play like this, they won’t because they know he will quit.”

Holmes is a story Sunday because he returns to the scene of his benching, the infamous incident in which he was thrown out of the huddle and benched for the final two minutes of the Jets' season-ending loss to the Dolphins. After the game, Tomlinson was the most outspoken critic of Holmes, accusing him of quitting on the team.