Passing on Plax the right move

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- The Jets' decision to overlook an unemployed Plaxico Burress has created plenty of chatter on talk shows. But why? It would've been foolish to bring him back. I'm not saying Jason Hill is the answer, but he's a better answer than Burress.

Here's why:

1. Burress is 35 and can't separate from defenders. Yes, he was a red-zone weapon last season (eight TDs), but he was a pedestrian receiver between the 20s -- only 34 receptions as an every-down player.

2. This isn't the same offensive system as last season; he'd have to learn Tony Sparano's offense.

3. Burress and QB Mark Sanchez didn't have great chemistry last season. It wasn't as toxic as Sanchez-Santonio Holmes, but the organization doesn't want to bring back reminders of last year's dysfunction. Also, Burress dissed Sanchez during the offseason in a couple of interviews.

4. You don't want a potentially divisive player in a room filled with young, impressionable wide receivers.