Halftime: Texans 17, Jets 7

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Quick thoughts on the first half:

1. He did it again. A decent first half by QB Mark Sanchez ended on a bad note for the second week in a row. Once again, he committed a momentum-changing turnover -- a red-zone interception. Sanchez tried to hit WR Jeremy Kerley on a slant, but DE J.J. Watt tipped it to CB Brice McCain. After a long return, the Texans kicked a field goal at the halftime gun, another kick in the gut for the Jets.

2. Tebow time? There was a lot of pregame speculation about Tim Tebow seeing an increased role. He ended up playing three snaps, including a long incompletion that was dropped by newly-signed WR Jason Hill. The Tebow hype proved to be overblown, but you can bet he'll see time in the second half, especially if the offense continues to sputter.

3. Marked man. Operating with a mish-mosh supporting cast, Sanchez (9-for-19, 135 yards) held up reasonably well under the Tebow pressure -- until the late interception. Before then, he actually had a few good throws to Chaz Schilens, Jeremy Kerley and even Clyde Gates. Sanchez hit TE Jeff Cumberland for a 27-yard TD pass, rare production out of the tight-end position.

4. No run D. After getting lit up last week by the 49ers, the Jets emphasized run defense in practice. Didn't work. RB Arian Foster ran for 100 yards in the half, including a 13-yard TD run that was eerily similar to Colin Kaepernick's TD run last week. The Texans attacked OLB Garrett McIntyre and the right side of the Jets' defense, running wide. It was no contest.

5. Landry mystery. S LaRon Landry missed part of the second quarter, but it didn't seem to be injury-related. He was stewing on the sideline, seemingly unhappy about something. Several teammates came over in an attempt to speak with him. Rex Ryan and DB coach Dennis Thurman went over to talk to him, but CB Antonio Cromartie pulled Thurman away from Landry.