Rex sticking with Sanchez

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The crowd chanted for Tim Tebow throughout the second half, but Rex Ryan said he never considered a quarterback change. He stayed with Mark Sanchez, and he 's planning to stick with his embattled starter for the next game, Nov. 11 against the Seahawks.

"I believe in all of our players, and I believe in Mark," Ryan said after the Jets' 30-9 loss to the Dolphins Sunday at MetLife Stadium. "I think Mark has proven he can win in this league. I think he gives us out best chance to win. That's my opinion, and that's the one that matters."

There were opportunities to make the change. The Jets were down at halftime, 20-3, after generating only 107 total yards.

No change.

Sanchez threw a third-quarter interception in the red zone, wasting a takeaway by the defense and blowing an opportunity to cut into the Dolphins' 27-3 lead.

No change.

Sanchez stayed until the bitter end, hearing boos. He completed only 28 of 54 passes for 283 yards. He committed two turnovers, including a first-quarter fumble. He was sacked four times, and his passer rating was 65.6.

Asked about Sanchez's performance, Ryan looked at the stat sheet and noted the passer rating. He managed to say that Sanchez had some good moments, choosing his words carefully. Asked if he thought about inserting Tebow, Ryan said:

"No, I did not. ... I never felt it was the time to do it. Mark is our quarterback. I just thought he gave us the best chance to win."

Sanchez's encouraging performance last week against the Patriots may have saved him. If he had two stinkers in a row, it might have caused Ryan to mull the decision over the bye week. But Sanchez will get at least one more shot.

It was a typical day for Tebow: He played little (five snaps on offense) and said little, refusing to be drawn into the controversy.

"I'm just ready and willing," he said. "Whenever they call my number, I go out there to help the team and (I'm not) listening to what the crowd is saying."

Sanchez downplayed the Tebow chants.

"There's nothing I can do about it," he said. "You're playing in a big market, and this is a grown man's game. You have to play tough. They want results and we're not playing well, so they're going to call for someone else. It doesn't matter. I just happen to be in the spot. That's just how it goes. I don't really think about it. It doesn't really bother me at all. I'm just playing and having fun with our guys."