Midseason review: Offensive PT

Continuing our midseason review, we will focus on the offense -- specifically, a breakdown of the playing time (based on a total of 545 snaps):


Mark Sanchez -- 520 snaps/95 percent

Tim Tebow -- 60 snaps/11percent

Analysis: Before the season, GM Mike Tannenbaum estimated that Sanchez would play between 80 and 90 percent of the snaps. So far, he's above that, mostly because Tebow's role remains undefined. Tebow has been behind center for only 34 of his 60 snaps. Otherwise, he's been used as an H-Back, lined up in the backfield or split out.


Shonn Greene -- 320 snaps/59 percent

Bilal Powell -- 158 snaps/29 percent

Lex Hilliard -- 103 snaps/19 percent

John Conner -- 52 snaps/10 percent

Joe McKnight -- 34 snaps/6 percent

Jonathan Grimes -- 11 snaps/2 percent

Analysis: Due to injuries, Greene has been a workhorse the last two weeks. He'll get a rest, with Powell and McKnight getting healthier. Conner, now an ex-Jet, was a major disappointment. That was Rex Ryan's draft pick, as he bragged during "Hard Knocks" in 2010. Hilliard was a nice pick-up by Tannenbaum; he contributes on special teams, too.


Jeremy Kerley -- 318 snaps/58 percent

Chaz Schilens -- 296 snaps/54 percent

Stephen Hill -- 252 snaps/46 percent

Santonio Holmes -- 189 snaps/35 percent

Clyde Gates -- 72 snaps/13 percent

Jason Hill -- 46 snaps/8 percent

Patrick Turner -- 8 snaps/1 percent

Analysis: Going into training camp, the organization felt it had assembled its most talented receiving corps in recent years. It never had a chance to shine, with Holmes missing significant time in the preseason and suffering a season-ending injury in Week 4. As a result, Schilens and Kerley have been thrust into bigger roles. Keep an eye of Gates; the organization really likes his potential.


Jeff Cumberland -- 246 snaps/45 percent

Dustin Keller -- 230 snaps/42 percent

Konrad Reuland -- 177 snaps/32 percent

Jason Smith -- 143 snaps/26 percent

Dedrick Epps -- 27 snaps/5 percent

Analysis: Talk about patchwork. Reuland and Smith weren't even with the team at the start of training camp. Because of Keller's injury, Cumberland was forced into a starting role -- and he's not that kind of player. Reuland has contributed as fullback, too, enhancing his value.


D'Brickashaw Ferguson -- 545 snaps/100 percent

Brandon Moore -- 545 snaps/100 percent

Austin Howard -- 544 snaps/100 percent

Nick Mangold -- 537 snaps/99 percent

Matt Slauson -- 418 snaps/77 percent

Vladimir Ducasse -- 136 snaps/25 percent

Analysis: This and quarterback are the only two areas not affected by injuries. Slauson and Ducasse have been sharing time at left guard since Week 2.