What will Rex do with Tebow?

Now we wait for Rex Ryan's decision on Tim Tebow. Will he expand Tebow's role or will it be eight more games of Tim the Decoy?

Ryan and the Jets return to work Monday after a seven-day break for the bye, so maybe we'll start to get some answers. Ryan meets the media at 10 a.m.

Before the break, the Jets' coach said he'd use the down time to take "a hard look at how we're using (Tebow), what we're asking him to do and if there are other things we can ask him to do with him."

We know Mark Sanchez remains the starting quarterback, so the big question is: Will Ryan give Tebow a full series when the offense needs a spark? How about two series? How would that affect Sanchez? What about the rest of the offense?

So many questions.

The Jets acted like they had all this figured out when they traded for Tebow in March, back when they were trying to sell people on how Tebow would bring a "dynamic" dimension to the offense. The current numbers suggest they had no idea what they were talking about.

In eight games, Tebow has appeared in 60 plays on offense, including only 34 in the shotgun as the "quarterback." Only once has he participated in three consecutive plays at quarterback, and that was way back in Week 2 at Pittsburgh.

ESPN analyst Herm Edwards believes Tebow deserves a chance to contribute more than a play here, a play there.

"Give him three or four possessions to play the quarterback position -- any way you want, whether it's running the speed option, the Wildcat, whatever you want to call it ... the Tebow Train, whatever name you have for him," the former Jets coach said on air. "You should allow him to play in this offense."

Edwards is right. It serves little purpose to use Tebow for one or two plays every two or three series. It diminishes his ability to produce and the plays are too predictable. If they truly believe in him as a player, they'll give him a chance to preside over an entire series. That's how they were talking at the time of the trade.

"If our offense is sputtering, and we have, say, three three-and-outs, and we roll (the Wildcat) out there and if it's successful, who knows?" GM Mike Tannenbaum said in March.

Pardon the toilet humor (literally), but the Jets need to poop or get off the pot.