Broadway Joe takes aim at Jets

Give a legendary quarterback a Twitter account, make him upset with a poor performance by his old team, and watch out.

Joe Namath, usually the most optimistic of all Jets followers, unloaded on his beloved team during and after Monday night's ugly 10-9 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Here is a sampling of some Tweets as the game unfolded:

(9:34 p.m.) "That's disgusting. You need 10 yards for a first down and you complete a 9-yard out." (A reference to Dustin Keller stepping out of bounds before the marker on the Jets' final drive)

(9:23 p.m.) "For the Jets to win this game we're going to need a miracle!"

(8:58 p.m.) "The Jets are playing with a conservative play calling style, which falls on the shoulders of the coaches- the poor execution doesn't."

(8:49 p.m.) "The Jets abnormal amount of penalties in this game can be attributed to a disappointing lack of discipline."

Namath also ripped the Jets in Wednesday's editions of the New York Post. Among his criticism:

• "Sanchez to me is not the problem. This is not all on him. I know that he's doing everything that he's told to do -- or at least trying to do everything that he's told to do."

• "I'd like to see him open up (the offense), but what are you going to open up with?"

• On Braylon Edwards: "Can't catch the ball ... Or rarely does. He has as many drops as he does catches."

• On the possibility of engaging in a shootout Sunday with the New England Patriots: "A shootout? You gotta have something to be shooting. We haven't been shooting. We can't get in a shootout with anybody."