Clarity on Tebow's role? Uh, no

Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano said perhaps he could utilize Tim Tebow better. Jets coach Rex Ryan said the team would look at changing the lineups. But once the team returned from the bye week, Ryan was inscrutable when sked about his backup quarterback.

"I don't want to get into specific things, but I guess we'll see," Ryan said.

You can create your own headline from that Rorschach of a statement. Tebow is starting! Tebow is benched! Tebow's role utterly unchanged!

The fact is, how many teams have to game plan for their backup quarterback? This is the problem that comes with acquiring Tebow to be a backup: His profile makes him an issue even when his arm doesn't.

Perhaps Tebow could be used more as a running back, but if the Jets wanted to do that they had an opportunity against Miami when Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight were injured. Tebow could be a fullback, but the Jets are using bigger tight ends to buttress the offensive line.

The Jets haven't been efficiently using him in the Wildcat, and a team like Houston schooled the Jets on the subject.

Do the Jets mistrust Tebow that much with the ball? How can they justify him on the roster?

Ryan didn't clear up any of these mysteries on Monday.