Jets to show Sandy spirit on Sunday

Rex Ryan speaks to the media Friday in a new baseball cap expressing support for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Al Pereira

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Rex Ryan stepped to the podium Friday wearing a new baseball cap. It was green and read “NJ/NY STRONG” and the team will wear them in Seattle this weekend as a sign of solidarity with a region hit so hard by Hurricane Sandy.

“Basically, it’s just to let people know, especially the people in our region that were affected by Hurricane Sandy, that our thoughts and prayers are with them,” Ryan said. “Hopefully, when they see this on the sideline that they understand that we’re with them and we’re definitely thinking about them.”

Ryan, whose power has been out this week, and numerous players were directly affected by the storm. Many have lived in hotels, others like quarterback Mark Sanchez, have spent a day assisting with recovery efforts.

“We’re also trying to represent our region when we go up there to play this game,” Ryan said. “If they can get something encouraging out of our performance, then that really motivates and drives us as well.”

NO JOE: Running back Joe McKnight and defensive tackle Kenrick Ellis will not make the trip to Seattle. Linebacker Bart Scott (toe) will go, but he said Thursday that he’d make the trip whether or not he plays.

“With Joe McKnight, it’s one of those types of deals where if he can get 25 percent better by not playing in a game, it’s probably time to do that,” Ryan said.

McKnight will be replaced on kickoff return by Clyde Gates and Antonio Cromartie. His loss may have been a little easier for the Jets given that RB Bilal Powell (shoulder) will return.

KERLEY Q: A few of his teammates said the Dolphins really targeted Jets wide receiver Jeremy Kerley, who had five catches in 11 targets for 43 yards in the game. Kerley didn’t see it the same way.

“I didn’t play the game that I wanted to have. I wouldn’t say it was difficult from a defensive standpoint. I think I kind of sold myself short a little bit, didn’t play up to my ability in that game.”

NOISY SEATTLE: The Jets played crazy-loud Nirvana as a way to get some team spirit before heading to Seattle late Friday. There was a lot of talk about the noise, but backup quarterback Tim Tebow said he wasn’t concerned despite never having been to CenturyLink.

“College stadiums compared to NFL, it’s not too much of a comparison in my opinion, from how loud the crowd is,” Tebow said. “Pretty much most of the SEC places were a lot louder, at least the places I’ve played in. The loudest I’ve probably heard an NFL stadium was when the Broncos beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs. That got pretty loud, but besides that there are not as many people and that some of way the stadiums are shaped as well.”