Rex: 'We know we were prepared'

SEATTLE -- The Seattle Seahawks did little to surprise the New York Jets on Sunday.

Instead, the Jets surprised themselves by giving up big plays.

Seattle scored three touchdowns through the air, all from between 20 and 40 yards out. All three were situations the Jets thought they’d prepared for.

Seattle struck first when Golden Tate took a 38-yard pass from Russell Wilson, down the left sideline to beat cornerback Kyle Wilson.

New York controlled the passing game of Russell Wilson from that point until the fourth quarter when, operating from the 31, the Seattle quarterback threw to Sidney Rice. Coming out of the slot, Rice beat cornerback Ellis Lankster for the score that made it 21-7 three plays into the fourth quarter.

Then on the next Seattle series, the Seahawks just embarrassed the Jets. Working from the 23, Russell Wilson handed the ball to Golden Tate on what appeared to be an end-around to the left side. When the Jets’ defense bit, Tate lobbed a left-handed flutterer that found Rice alone for the final score.

"We had two weeks to prepare for this game and we thought we were prepared and we know we were prepared," coach Rex Ryan said. "It’s just really disappointing, making critical mistakes."

Safety Yeremiah Bell was every bit as upset as Ryan.

"The season is not getting any longer; it’s getting shorter," Bell said. "As a team, we’ve got to stop this. We have to come together in this locker room. The only way we are going to do this thing is to do it together. We can’t continue to help other teams win games, and that’s what we are doing. We are putting ourselves in bad positions, and it’s hurting us.

"We are a team, offensively, defensively and special teams. We win as a team, we lose as a team. Regardless of what it is, we need to get it done."

Defensive end Mike DeVito said there is no more time left on the clock if the team is going to meet its playoff expectations.

"We have to play four quarters," DeVito said. "Things are getting down to it now, things are getting tight now, and we have to go into playoff mentality. We can’t pack it in. As the defense, we have to play more consistent and find out how good we can be.

"This year we’ve been inconsistent. You can look around this clubhouse and there is no one on this team who is ready to pack it in. Everybody here has heart and pride. Everybody is showing emotion after this one. It was a tough loss. We’ve got to regroup."