Jets stick together despite woeful season

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — At the end of last season, the Jets dissolved into a fractured, dysfunctional mess. But this season, despite mounting losses and mounting criticism, the Jets are sticking together inside the locker room.

"We're united,” said offensive lineman Brandon Moore. “I think it's pretty easy for you guys to pinpoint that Mark (Sanchez) is the problem. Blame goes all the way around.”

But the finger point, according to several players, hasn’t started internally. Last season, anonymous players took shots at each other, particularly Sanchez. Backup quarterback Greg McElroy revealed on an Alabama radio station that it was the worst he’d seen.

“Last season, the way it finished out, was really frustrating,” DeVito said. “I think it was definitely a learning experience as far as we can’t let stuff get in between us. I think the coaches and the team, we did a good job coming together during the offseason and bonding. That is one thing that is a big difference from years past is how close this team is. We are going through adversity and tough times right now, but you can still tell how much guys care about each other and how much guys want to win for each other.”

It is one positive sign amid dispiriting losses or the 3-6 team, but one piece that needs to be in place if there is to be any kind of rebound this season.

“We’ve all played this game and we know what’s at stake and the ups and downs that happen,” Yeremiah Bell said. “It’s a team game. We realize that if we come apart, we’re just creating more of an unsettled scene. We’re still sticking together and we have a lot of the season left. We’re ok.”