Five plays that shaped the game

A look back at five critical plays in Sunday's 28-7 loss to the Seahawks:

1. The Double Stuff. The situation: Fourth-and-1 on the Seahawks' 40. On the Jets' first possession, Rex Ryan decided to go for it. Why not? They entered the game with the No. 1 short-yardage offense in the league. On third down, Lex Hilliard was stuffed for no gain, their first third-and-1 failure of the season. What were the odds of it happening again? Well, it did. Shonn Greene ran off left guard and was stopped by Mike Morgan, who started for the injured K.J. Wright. It set a bad tone for the Jets, giving the Seahawks a short field. And they capitalized.

2. The Jump Ball. The situation: First-and-10 on the Jets' 38. Moments after Greene was stopped cold, the Seahawks took a 7-0 lead. Rookie QB Russell Wilson threw a deep, back-shoulder fade to Golden Tate, he of the controversial "Fail Mary" touchdown against the Packers. This time, there was no doubt. He outjumped CB Kyle Wilson and walked into the end zone.

3. Timmy Touchdown -- Not. The situation: Third down from the Seahawks' 1. The Jets were oh-so-close to taking a 14-7 lead. Tim Tebow came in the game and, in the shotgun formation, was set to run a counter. Afterward, he said it would've been a certain touchdown based on the alignment of the defense. But the play never was run because Dustin Keller was flagged for a false start. Keller finished with two false starts and a dropped pass. He called it his worst game as a pro.

4. Red-zone disaster. The situation: Third down from the Seahawks' 6. After Keller's penalty, Tebow was replaced by Mark Sanchez. (By the way, Tebow was ticked off by the penalty as he left the field.) The Jets used a bunch formation to the right, which worked for a split-second. Keller ran a flat route to the right corner, around the 3-yard line. Sanchez was late with his throw -- a floater -- and it was intercepted by CB Richard Sherman. It was Sanchez's fourth red-zone interception of the season, most in the league. WR Stephen Hill also was open in the end zone.

5. Adding insult to insult. The situation: First-and-23 from the Jets' 23. The Seahawks already had the game in control, 21-7, but they piled on with 8:08 remaining in the fourth quarter. They dialed up a gadget play, with Wilson pitching the ball to Tate, who pulled up and threw a 23-yard touchdown to WR Sidney Rice. CB Antonio Cromartie gave up on Rice, thinking it was going to be a run. Afterward, the Seahawks enjoyed a laugh at the Jets' expense. Said Rice: "His throwing motion was the worst. I thought we traded for Tebow for a second."