Ryan defends free speech in locker room

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- In Rex Ryan's opinion, loose lips don't sink ships.

In the aftermath of TebowGate, Ryan defended the open culture that surrounds the Jets. He claimed it's wrong to restrict players and coaches from free speech.

"I know the culture of this team is a heck of a lot more positive than it is negative," Ryan said. "There might be negative people outside of these walls and this organization. We're not perfect. One thing we are and that's honest.

"We don't put muzzles on our players. Maybe it's easy to say, 'They should do that.' Well, that's fine. To me, I've never been a person like that. I believe guys have the right, covered by whatever amendment that is.

"Seriously, I know this team is close. Whether people choose to write about it and talk about it, that's up to them."

Ryan declined to address Shonn Greene's headline-making comments to Yahoo! Sports. Greene is quoted as saying he believes a quarterback change might be necessary. But in an interview Wednesday night with ESPNNewYork.com, he said his remarks were taken out of context. The writer, Mike Silver, stands by the quotes.