Revis updates rehab, talks Tebow mess

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Darrelle Revis is going through a tough time. So are the Jets.

The star cornerback, commenting for the first time since his knee surgery last month, suggested the Jets -- mired in controversy -- could "fold" if they don't get a win soon.

"This week has been a tough week for the team," Revis said in an interview aired Thursday night on the NFL Network. "A team like this, with what’s been going on this week, a team will fold. The biggest thing for us is to overcome everything that’s going on right now through the media, through the losing streak. If we can get a win this week, that would be awesome."

Revis' rehab is being documented as a part of a series of the NFL Network. Part one aired Thursday night.

In excerpts released to the media, Revis said he's happy with his rehab.

"Right now, I’m doing great," he said. "I got my range of motion back and everything is looking on the up and up, right now. I just have to continue to keep on rehabbing and go to the next steps."

Revis said he will continue to rehab in New Jersey through the Thanksgiving holiday, and head to Arizona, where he usually trains in the offseason.

Revis said he "has a little bit of swelling" in his knee," adding that "it's going down rapidly." He suffered a torn ACL in Week 3, and underwent reconstructive surgery in early October. He said he bumps into teammates when he rehabs at the team's facility.

"I just really do as much as I can being one of the leaders on the team," he said. "Right now, I can’t really pinpoint what’s really wrong because I’m on the outside viewing in. The only thing I can do right now is really support these guys as much as I can and just hope they win every week."

Asked what the Jets should do with Tim Tebow, Revis said, "Those [decisions] are not in my hands. That’s Mike Tannenbaum’s job. He’s the GM and he has to make those tough decisions. I’m happy I don’t."