Rex turns mum on Tebow

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Heavily criticized for his handling of the Tim Tebow rib injury, Rex Ryan disclosed very little Wednesday about Tebow's chances of playing Sunday against the Cards.

Tebow, who practiced fully last week with two fractured ribs but didn't play against the Patriots even though he dressed, was slated to practice Wednesday on a limited basis.

"I think he'll be cleared to play just like he was last week," Ryan said.

But there's a difference between "cleared to play" and actually playing, as we learned last Thursday night. As everybody knows, Tebow isn't your typical backup quarterback. He's used to carry the ball in the Wildcat package and he serves as the personal protector on the punt team, two roles that require physical contact.

Ryan wouldn't say if third-string QB Greg McElroy will be active for the game. He wouldn't even say if he's considering McElroy. Ryan is in a difficult spot, mostly because of his own doing. If he deactivates Tebow or carries McElroy as a third quarterback, it would be a tacit admission that he botched it last week.

"We'll see how it progresses during the week," Ryan said, repeating that several times in his news conference.