Coach's big decision: Trick it up

With QB Kevin Kolb (ribs) still on the mend, rookie Ryan Lindley is expected to start for the second straight week. He has a grand total of seven quarters of NFL experience. This is an opportunity for the Jets to do what they do best -- or used to do best: Confuse the kid.

Rex Ryan-coached defenses usually feast on rookie quarterbacks, and this is a rookie with a porous offensive line. The Cards, starting two rookies at tackle, have allowed a league-high 46 sacks. Rookie RT Bobby Massie has allowed a league-high 13, according to ProFootballFocus.com.

Look for the Jets to give Lindley a multitude of pre-snap looks, changing fronts and disguising coverages. It didn't work against Tom Brady, but it should work against Lindley, a sixth-round pick from San Diego State. The pass rush won't always get to Lindley -- the Cards will counter with quick passes -- but the Jets can make it hard on him by giving him a lot to think about before the snap.

The "old" Jets defense used to savor these occasions; we'll see how the current crew handles it.