Mangold, Taylor injury update

Jason Taylor's left elbow was the size of a grapefruit Monday, but the former Miami Dolphin is expected to face his old team Sunday night in Miami. Nick Mangold (right shoulder) also will play.

Both players underwent MRI exams after getting hurt in Sunday's win over the New England Patriots. Rex Ryan said he didn't have the results of the MRIs, but he expressed confidence that both will be available.

"I think both of those guys are really tough guys," Ryan said. "Jason, we all know his history. He plays, and Nick's a tough guy. We'll see, but I feel pretty good about them."

The Jets really need Taylor, considering they're already down one outside linebacker, Calvin Pace (broken foot), who's still at least another week away from returning. Mangold, their All-Pro center, hasn't missed a game in his career.

Taylor injured his elbow, an apparent hyperextension, late in the third quarter. He returned in the fourth quarter and banged it again on his victory-clinching strip sack of Tom Brady. Mangold went out for a series and returned.

S Brodney Pool (ankle), who made his Jets debut, underwent treatment after the game for his lingering injury. But he, too, should be a go for the Dolphins. WR Braylon Edwards was seen in the locker room Monday with a heavy wrap on his right thigh.

Other notes:

Head games. Ryan hinted that Patriots WR Wes Welker may have pulled a Derek Jeter, pretending to be hurt when struck in the head on a forearm shiver by S Eric Smith. Smith was flagged for unnecessary roughness. Welker stayed down, drawing attention from the Patriots' trainer.

"Wes wasn't hurt," Ryan said. "You sure thought he was for a minute, until he saw that flag and made it look good." Up in Foxborough, coach Bill Belichick wasn't thrilled with Smith's hit, saying, "I don't think that's what the league is looking for."

Brick wall crumbling? LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson, who signed a six-year, $60 million extension before training camp, is off to a slow start. After two penalties in the opener, he surrendered a sack against the Patriots. So did LG Matt Slauson. Ryan said the communication on the left side of the line needs to improve.

Good calls, coach. Ryan made two aggressive decisions that paid off in a big way.

With 38 seconds left in the third quarter, he decided to go for a two-point conversion to take a seven-point lead instead of settling for the easy six. A lot of coaches don't try two-pointers before the fourth quarter because, if they fail, they end up chasing the lost point for the rest of the game. Ryan, too, subscribes to that philosophy, but in this case, he decided to let the two-point conversion chart dictate the decision because it was so close to the end of the third.

With 2:44 left in the game, ahead by 14, Ryan opted to go for it on a fourth-and-1 from midfield. LaDainian Tomlinson went airborne for three yards, essentially ending the game. If he had failed, the Patriots would've been within striking distance of a touchdown, which would've led to an onsides kick, which ...

Ryan said he was confident the offensive line would get it done for Tomlinson. This was the right call. When you have a chance to deliver the knockout punch, you take it.

Welcome to Al-cro-traz. CB Antonio Cromartie played a fantastic second half, holding Randy Moss without a catch. But it wasn't a perfect performance. In the first half, Cromartie was supposed to play press coverage on Welker's 6-yard touchdown catch. He played "off," and couldn't close fast enough.

The spy among them? What what did Ryan think of the Patriots' decision to sign Danny Woodhead? He liked it. Great pick-up by the Pats, he said. Gamesmanship? "If it was gamesmanship," he said, "they would've made him a captain." Like the Jets did last September, when they made ex-Pats QB Kevin O'Connell a captain for Jets-Pats.