Sanchez shrugs off Adam Sandler tweak

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Mark Sanchez's infamous Butt Fumble, the signature play in the Thanksgiving Night Massacre, was immortalized Wednesday night by comedian Adam Sandler during the 12-12-12 benefit concert at the Garden.

The Jets' quarterback, showing a good sense of humor, managed a laugh when asked about it Thursday.

"It was very Sandler," Sanchez said. "It was good. I thought it was a pretty cool song."

In case you missed it, Sandler performed "Sandy, Screw Ya!" -- a song in which he lists the many ways in New Yorkers have overcome adversity. Sandler, wearing a Jets T-shirt, sang:

We believe this too shall pass,

Like when Sanchez fumbled into an ass.

Sanchez's collision with Brandon Moore's behind flashed on the big screen at the Garden. Not to worry, Mark. It was seen by only ... um, two billion people.

WELCOME BACK, BRAYLON: The Jets were happy to see WR Braylon Edwards. A few sound bites from the locker room:

LB Calvin Pace: "Glad to have him back. I wish he would have never left. He’s a proven receiver, which we need a little help with Stephen (Hill) going down. I’m just glad to have him back.”

LB Bart Scott: "It’s good to have him back. He was a pivotal part of our success when he was here. He was a great guy, practiced hard. I always thought he’d be good example for a guy like Stephen Hill, who wants to be a big vertical, physical receiver who can block and do the dirty work, too."

Sanchez: "We’ll be good. He’s one of those guys that he just knows how to run routes, he’s played for a long time, he understands coverages and he picks up things quickly. I know he’ll pick up the system fast, a sharp guy. We’re excited to have him back and that will only help the rest of the guys."