Concussion probe includes Greene

An ESPN "Outside the Lines" investigation, reported by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru, provides new information on the hot-button concussion issue. It reveals how the NFL tracks, manages and describes head injuries.

Jets RB Shonn Greene is mentioned in the story, detailing his head injury in Week 2. From the story:

... Some instances this year raise questions about whether those rules are being followed.

On Sept. 16, early in the second quarter of a game in Week 2, New York Jets running back Shonn Greene was blasted on an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit by Steelers safety Ryan Mundy. Greene returned to the huddle, dazed and wobbly, until quarterback Mark Sanchez effectively removed him from the game, pushing him toward the sideline.

The NFL's new Standardized Concussion Assessment Tool, or SCAT, lists six "obvious signs of disqualification (i.e., No Go)" from play. They include confusion and amnesia. The Jets said Greene was "dizzy" after the collision but that his symptoms quickly cleared. Later, Greene said he did not remember Sanchez pushing him to the sideline.

The Jets said during the game that Greene had sustained a head injury and was questionable to return.

A Jets doctor, Damion Martins, administered a memory and balance test in the locker room after the injury. Greene said he was asked to recite the months of the year backward and the score. He also was given a balance test in which he was required to stand on one leg and close his eyes.

"Out of respect for the injury, we took him to the locker room to perform a thorough evaluation to be sure," a Jets spokesman wrote ESPN in response to questions last month. "We were concerned enough to perform the testing, but all signs and tests suggest that he did not have a concussion."

The Jets said Greene was allowed to return to play in the second half because he passed every test.

Greene told reporters the next day that he was "fine" and didn't have a concussion.

Last month in an interview with ESPN, Greene said: "I think what it was, when it first happened, I kind of got up too fast from the hit. I wasn't all the way there. It was kind of shaky."