Coaches' big decision: Tebow inactive?

Rex Ryan was unusually cagey this week when asked about Tim Tebow's potential role Sunday against the Chargers. What's with the gamesmanship? It's not like the Chargers are freaking out over the prospect of having to face Tebow, whose impact this season has been minimal.

We all know that Greg McElroy will make his first NFL start and, according to a source, former starter Mark Sanchez is expected to be No. 2. Ryan hinted that he may dress three quarterbacks, but haven't we heard that before?

Imagine the fuss if Tebow is a healthy scratch. That would culminate a tough week for Tebow, who was upset that he was passed over for the starting job. The coaches may decide to use another player for the 46th spot on the game-day roster.

DB Donnie Fletcher, signed this week from the practice squad, is expected to be active. And, of course, we know they're not averse to dressing six wide receivers.

If Tebow is active, would they even use him? Probably not much. This story never ends, does it?