SportsCenter gives Tebow a lump of coal

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter and analysts Ron Jaworski and Merril Hoge went head-to-head on SportsCenter on Monday regarding ESPNNewYork.com's report that Tebow asked out of the Wildcat package for Sunday's game against San Diego.

After talking with Tebow on Sunday night, Schefter confirmed the quarterback was upset on Tuesday when he was passed over for Greg McElroy as the starter for Sunday's game. Schefter said Tebow believed he had been promised when he joined the Jets that he would be the quarterback if Sanchez was benched. Tebow and Jets head coach Rex Ryan apparently did not talk until Friday, when Tebow told the coach that he would be willing to do whatever was needed to help the team.

Hoge and Jaworski went back and forth about Tebow, with Hoge doing most of the damage. Here are five of the strongest quotes from the segment.

Jaworski: "Tim Tebow to me is a fierce competitor, he'll do whatever he can. For him to say I don't want to play Wildcat plays is mind-boggling to me. He was the up back on punt teams. He was doing everything humanly possible to get on the field. I can't imagine Tim Tebow saying,' Nah, I don't want to take those snaps."

Hoge: "To me, it smells like three-day old fish. I think he's as phony as a three-dollar bill. Because at the end of the day, what have I heard, that he will do anything at any time you ask me to do it, I'll do it and all of a sudden now that's unacceptable? Now I want to play quarterback or I'm not going to play Wildcat? ... I think this shows really what he's about."

Hoge: "If you are for the team, and that's what you do care about, then guess what, whenever the coach makes that decision, sure you could be upset but you still do what's best for the team. You don't make a rift and argue and take yourself out, [and say] don't play me in the Wildcat."

Jaworski: "I do believe he was betrayed. When he was brought to New York, and I was up there for four days in Cortland in camp, and I've talked to coaches, players, executives and it was 15-20 snaps, he's a football player, he's going to get 15-20 snaps. That was probably guaranteed to him, never materialized and added to the frustration."

Hoge: "Here's what happened in New York: they didn't realize how bad Tim Tebow was. Once he came in there, they got to see the sampling, they're like 'oh my gosh.' Not only can he not play quarterback, he's not really a good football player. He's an OK football player. Jacksonville Jaguars beware. If you think you are going to bring Tim Tebow in there to change your organization around and bring wins and fans in there, you're crazy."