Players react to Tanny's firing

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- The Jets parted ways with general manager Mike Tannenbaum on Monday after missing the playoffs for the second straight season. Tannenbaum had been the general manager since 2006, helping lead the team to two AFC title games but also failing to build on those accomplishments.

Monday, Jets players cleared out their lockers and met with the media one last time before heading into the offseason. Most of this Jets roster was drafted or acquired by Tannenbaum, and they were sad to see the general manager go. Here's a sampling of quotes from the locker room:

• Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (first-round pick in 2009): “We had some success together those first couple of years. It’s hard to see changes like that. You feel for the guy. But at the end of the day it’s a Woody Johnson decision and he’s doing what he thinks is best for the team. I wish Mr. Tannenbaum the best of luck. It’s a great family and they’ve always been good to me.”

• Defensive lineman Mike DeVito (signed as undrafted free agent): "It’s tough because I’ve always felt that Mike took a chance on me to come here. He gave me my first shot in the NFL. That’s allowed me to provide for my family, have a great life (and) be very blessed. It’s always tough to see something like that. It kind of reminded me of when Eric (Mangini) left. It’s hard to see something like that, but I know someone like Mike, with his background and the type of person he is, I know he’ll land on his feet."

• Safety LaRon Landry (signed last offseason): "I'm just grateful for the opportunity that he gave me. I'll miss him and I'm very happy he gave me that opportunity."

• Cornerback Darrelle Revis (first-round pick in 2007): "In this business we get evaluated every week. It's just the business side of it. He did great things for us the last couple of years, but I don't know. It's really sad. You don't want to see anybody get fired or anybody get cut or released in this manner, but it happens. He had a great speech that he wrote in the team meeting and guys clapped for him after and felt sad for him."

• Defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson (first-round pick in 2011): "He drafted me so I'm proud to be here and I wish him the best."

• Offensive tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson (first-round pick in 2006): "Mike Tannenbaum was one of the guys responsible for bringing me here so I think everybody felt saddened today."