Sparano still has a job

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Reports, speculation and just plain common sense indicated that offensive coordinator Tony Sparano could be fired today. But although the Jets were outscored 69-36 by teams with losing records in their last three games, Sparano was back at work at the Jets' facility in Florham Park.

Mark Sanchez said he had met with his coordinator that morning, and Sparano is keeping up the routine.

“He’s working his butt off and starting to go through player evaluations and things like that that coaches do right after the season ends and these next couple days I’m sure they’ll do that,” Sanchez said. “But he’s a fighter, he’s a tough guy and he’s doing his best to try and help the team.”

Sparano also made it through the staff meeting at 1 p.m. even though team owner Woody Johnson was there in person. It seems the Jets may be waiting to make any additional moves until a new general manager can be installed.

So the fact that Sparano hasn’t been fired yet may just be a delay of the inevitable.