Take/Trash: Fans ain't buyin' Ryan

Woody Johnson announced Monday that Rex Ryan will return in 2013.

But that's not what Jets fans want.

After Ryan failed to get to the playoffs for the second straight year, Jets fans would prefer to see some change at the top as 51 percent of them have voted, so far, to get rid of Ryan in ESPNNewYork.com's Take 'Em or Trash 'Em poll. Ryan was once beloved by Jets fans following his back-to-back AFC title game appearances, but the recent losing and controversy surrounding the team has not gone over well with fans.

Along with Ryan, early voting has revealed that Jets fans would like to see a complete makeover of the team's hierarchy. Nearly three-quarters of the fans voted to trash owner Woody Johnson (74 percent), and 94 percent agreed to can just-fired general manager Mike Tannenbaum. Offensive coordinator Tony Sparano earned the honors as the most disliked Jet as 97 percent want to see him out.

At quarterback, Jets fans would like to see it the way it was in Week 16: with Greg McElroy at the head of the pack. The seventh-round pick was the only quarterback to receive more take votes than trash votes, as 69 percent of the fans want him back. Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow couldn't even meet that number combined, as 79 percent voted to trash Sanchez and 84 percent said goodbye to Tebow.

On offense, it's clear Jets fans want some new blood. Free-agent running back Shonn Greene rushed for 1,000 yards, but 65 percent want him gone. Free-agent tight end Dustin Keller also had 57 percent wanting him to play elsewhere, and veteran Santonio Holmes only managed to get 51 percent of the take vote. On the line, only Matt Slauson had more trash votes as 72 percent want the free agent gone.

Defensively, Jets fans want new linebackers. They can't wait to lose Bart Scott (90 percent trash), Calvin Pace (89 percent trash) and Bryan Thomas (84 percent trash). Only fan favorite David Harris managed to get lots of take votes with 84 percent wanting him to stay. Fans also voted against Kyle Wilson (61 percent trash) and safety Eric Smith (58 percent trash).