Tuna not interested in Jets

Bill Parcells saved the Jets once, a long time ago. He has no interest in doing it again.

During his weekly spot on ESPN New York 98.7 FM on Thursday, Parcells said he wouldn't be interested if the Jets came calling, offering him their general manager job.

"No I wouldn't listen," Parcells said. "I'm done with football. I wish them well and everybody in New York well."

Parcells, who gave Mike Tannenbaum his first big break in the NFL, said he was "saddened" to hear that his protege was fired as the Jets' GM. Parcells hired Tannenbaum as his salary-cap manager in 1997.

The Jets are in the market for a new GM. Parcells believe it'll be a tough hire, trying to find someone who can co-exist with coach Rex Ryan.

"I would think it would be reasonably uncomfortable unless they bring someone in who he knows or someone who he's worked with before or someone he has a relationship with," Parcells said.

Except for Jets assistant GM Scott Cohen, the in-house candidate, none of the known candidates have worked with Ryan in the past.