5 reasons to avoid Jets' GM job

It'll be a tough job. Here's why:

1. Rex Ryan. From all indications, the new general manager will have to live with Ryan for at least a year. He's a terrific defensive coach and a good motivator, but he's not for everybody. The sideshow wears thin if the team is losing. The new GM needs patience -- and a fondness for tattoos wouldn't hurt.

2. The coordinator dilemma: Offensive coordinator Tony Sparano was hired only a year ago, but his offense was a failure. Ryan reportedly wants to start over on offense, but it'll be tough to attract a proven commodity because of Ryan's tenuous future. Norv Turner and Cam Cameron are on the short list, but neither one will be an easy get. This will be the most important decision they make.

3. The QB trap: No way out. There's no easy solution to the quarterback situation. You're probably married to Mark Sanchez for another year because of an $8.25 million guarantee -- unless you make the unconventional move, cutting bait and incurring an enormous cap hit. Either way, you have to import a starting-caliber veteran and perhaps draft a quarterback, hoping you find the next Russell Wilson.

4. Tight salary cap: The Jets will be about $25 million over the projected $121 million cap. They can get under the cap by cutting veterans Bart Scott, Calvin Pace, Jason Smith and Eric Smith, but it wouldn't leave them much wiggle room. Between those cuts, and the number of unrestricted free agents on the roster, the Jets could go into free agency with only 10 starters under contract.

5. The Revis conundrum: The best player on the team -- Darrelle Revis -- is coming off ACL surgery and looking for a new contract. If he's not signed by the regular season opener, there's a good chance he will play out his final year and bolt in free agency because they can't use the franchise tag on him. Now that's a problem. Do you re-sign him? Trade him? Tough call.

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