Jets face the inevitable, fire Sparano

You think Rex Ryan is second-guessing his decision last year to hire Tony Sparano as his offensive coordinator? You bet. You think Sparano is second-guessing his decision to take the job? Probably.

This was a marriage doomed to fail. Sparano didn't have enough talent at his disposal, and he didn't have the ability to craft creative game plans to make up for the lack of playmakers. He also has to take a large share of responsibility for botching the Tim Tebow experiment.

Now Ryan must hire a coordinator with expertise in developing quarterbacks. That was the oddest thing about the Sparano hire; he had no background with quarterbacks. He's a former offensive line coach. Mark Sanchez regressed -- a lot. It wasn't all Sparano's fault, but there wasn't a QB guru around to help fix the problems. The QB coach, Matt Cavanaugh, was fired Monday. He should've been fired last year.

The top names on Ryan's wish list are Norv Turner and Cam Cameron. Turner would be the ideal choice, but the chances of luring him to the Jets are remote. Ryan has only two years left on his contract and, unless Woody Johnson opens the vault for Turner and makes a ridiculous offer, it's not going to happen.

This will be the Jets' third coordinator in three years. Not many head coaches get that many mulligans.